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Colonoscopy Quality Measures

A properly licensed photo of a doctor pretending to be in Minority Report

Dr. William Karnes and I are working on deploying a colonoscopy quality measure application for use in endoscopic suites.  We announced the effort today at the UCI Health 2015 Gastroenterology & Hepatology Symposium. It is a data entry tool that should be useful to endoscopists who are trying to monitor their performance at reducing colon cancer.  I am excited to be…


Whisper Analytics

Audia, formerly, was a start-up that I worked on with George Ruan and Sam Kaufman.  It was a very simple idea.  Instead of downloading a podcast, you could call in and listen to it over the audio channel of the phone.   It enabled you to get podcast content without a data plan.  If the…


Waitscout logo

waitscout was a start-up that I worked on with several folks, including George Ruan, Brian Silverstein and Ryan Hudson.  It was going to use predictive analytics plus relevant data from the Internet of Things to figure out what the wait time was at popular restaurants.  Then we would add that information to places like OpenTable…


Swayr Mock Up

swayr was a start-up that I worked on with several folks, including George Ruan and Paul Limon.  The idea was to use gamification to encourage sharing of media. So we would have links to media that we could track the use of. Then we would build game mechanics that encouraged people to share links. Companies…


quub logo white

quub was a start-up that I worked on with several folks, including George Ruan and Nathan Esquenazi.  quub was a commercialization of Nomatic*IM.  Basically it was supposed to be automatic status updates that your computer would generate for you based on what it could detect about you from sensors.  The ideal case would be to…

Intel Research Seattle

Intel Research Labs Seattle logo

I did two summer internships at Intel Research Seattle while in graduate school at UW.  That organization ceased to exist around 2012-2013, but it was a moment in time that was very cool.  The dawn of ubiquitous computing and lots of great researchers working on it. I designed and implemented a modeling language and statistical…

Eagle Scout

Eagle Scout Award

I am an Eagle Scout. I earned my award in 1989 with an Eagle Scout project that entailed using a very early database system to catalog tombstones in the Fairfax County area.  Most of the tombstones were under threat from development and contained genealogy information that is otherwise unavailable.