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waitscout was a start-up that I worked on with several folks, including George Ruan, Brian Silverstein and Ryan Hudson.  It was going to use predictive analytics plus relevant data from the Internet of Things to figure out what the wait time was at popular restaurants.  Then we would add that information to places like OpenTable and yelp using a Chrome extension.  The coolest part of it was that we used robo-calls to the restaurant to ask what the ground truth was.   An automated call would call the main line and ask the host/ess to key in the current wait time.   We had something like 80% success getting an answer.

waitscout screen shot

A screen shot of the waitscout plug-in working. Notice the call-out on the right of the Google+ listing

waitscout data

This was the predicted wait time for a restaurant. Different colors were different days of the week.

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