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Colonoscopy Quality Measures

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Dr. William Karnes and I are working on deploying a colonoscopy quality measure application for use in endoscopic suites.  We announced the effort today at the UCI Health 2015 Gastroenterology & Hepatology Symposium. It is a data entry tool that should be useful to endoscopists who are trying to monitor their performance at reducing colon cancer.  I am excited to be involved with the project because it will help to save lives, but the geek in me is excited to deploy this using some cutting edge tech including AngularJS, Bootstrap, Strongloop, Heroku and NodeJS.  I’m learning a lot about the way that health care is changing, especially the new requirements for reporting quality to medicare, insurance companies, etc. :

“For over a year, physicians at the University of California have been developing a system for evaluating the quality measures and performance standards of colonoscopies performed in their clinics in Orange County. Now the tool is being prepared for use by the rest of California.”

If all goes well, it will end up being commercialized into a self-supporting effort.   We are toying with the idea of “qualoscopy”.


Update 10/6/17: We have transitioned this project to a full-time software engineering company that is continuing to develop the concept.

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