Donald J. Patterson

AI Journal Prominent Paper Award

AI Journal Cover Page

I’m very proud to have been awarded, with my co-authors, a 5-year prominent paper award from the AI Journal for the paper,  Learning and Inferring Transportation Routines.  Here is the text of their award:

This paper introduces a hierarchical Markov model that can learn and infer a user’s daily movements through an urban community, and applies it in an application that helps cognitively-impaired people use public transportation safely. The paper takes a realistic and important problem, and solves it by developing technically sophisticated, state-of-the-art AI techniques, that have applicability well beyond the domain described in the paper. This work has had a significant impact on the area of modeling and learning with dynamic Bayesian networks, both in and outside of AI. As such, the award committee unanimously believes the paper is a worthy winner of the inaugural AIJ Prominent Paper Award. ( citation )

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