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Design and Implementation of Solutions to Computational Problems

Greenhouse garden sensors

  CS-010: Design and Implementation of Solutions to Computational Problems For Fall semester 2017 I am teaching an introductory course on programming at Westmont College.  This is second time that I’ve offered the course.   It remains similar to the first run which is described in more depth here.  This time I hope to bring in more in class…

Design and Implementation of Solutions to Computational Problems

Cover of Python for Everyone, 2e by Cay Horstmann and Rance Necaise

  CS-010: Design and Implementation of Solutions to Computational Problems For Fall semester 2016 I am teaching an introductory course on Python Programming at Westmont College.  This is the first programming course that many students have ever encountered so it should be a great teaching opportunity and possibly a challenge for some of the students.  We have a large class…

iOS Development for Creative Entreprenuers

Mayterm iOS for Creative Entreprenuers

iOS Development For Mayterm 2016 the Westmont Computer Science Department is trying something new.  We are running an intensive iOS 9.0 programming class designed to get upper division students experience working with platform-based computing.  Another first is that we are going to be teaching it in the library’s computer lab. This 5-week course is scheduled to meet…

Object-Oriented Programming

Cover of Big Java Early Objects

Object-Oriented Teaching For Spring semester 2016 I am teaching a course on “Object-Oriented” Programming at Westmont College.  It’s been a long time since I’ve taught a lower-division Computer Science course, but I’m really looking forward to introducing students to Java and object-oriented thinking.  So far the group are really newbies to programming (except for one).  This…

Syrian Refugee Teach-In

Graphic from Westmont Syrian Refugee Teach-In

Refugee Teach-In at Westmont College Today There will be a one hour teach-in on the Syrian Refugee crisis today at noon on the Westmont College Dining Commons lawn (or Founder’s if raining). I was asked to speak to the vetting-process/security-threat angle briefly. Between handling the immigration of my oldest son, a Top Secret clearance in…

Software Engineering

Essentials of Software Engineering cover

For Fall semester 2015 I am teaching a new course on “Software Engineering” at Westmont College.  This is my first time teaching over a semester and I’m looking forward to investigating some new tools like Pivotal Tracker! The course webpage can be found here:

Infrastructure in Haiti

Solar Powered Street light in haiti

I just got back from a trip to Haiti that I took with a diverse group of people from my church.  While there I was working with Haitian kids, schools and churches and studying intermittent infrastructures.  I produced a series of videos that describe the infrastructure hacks that I saw while I was there.  I’m…