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Teaching Global Disruption and Information Tech

Teaching Global Disruption and Information Technology Online

“Teaching Global Disruption and Information Technology Online” accepted for publication in Interactions magazine As a part of a special issue on Sustainable HCI Education in Interactions magazine, Bill Tomlinson, Bonnie Nardi and myself, elaborated on an online course that we taught about Global Disruption and Information Technology. This article was part of an ongoing conversation with…

Special Issue on Sustainable HCI Education

Global Green Tree

Special Issue on Sustainable HCI Education published in IX (interactions) magazine Recently Bonnie Nardi, Bill Tomlinson and I were invited to curate a special issue of Interactions magazine that focussed on teaching sustainable HCI. Interactions will often have a series of articles on a topical theme within a given publication and this month we put…

A French Affair Dot Com

Paris Subway Sign

On opinion piece I wrote at the start of the school year for the Westmont College student paper about the implications of the data breach at the dating site for married people, In our increasingly digitized world there is very little that can be kept hidden anymore. As the Internet of things pursues the…

Faith and Computer Science

My view of the relationship between my faith and my professional work

Here is a short essay on my view about how my faith impacts the study of computer science.  This is something that I think is important, but is also something that is in flux in my life. “I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I…

What if Sustainability Doesn’t Work Out?

What if Sustainability Doesn't Work Out?

This article in Interactions was intended to be an introduction to the idea of Collapse Informatics that was elaborated in other publications in more depth. In a recent NSF-funded National Academies symposium on Science, Innovation, and Partnerships for Sustainability Solutions, there was a great deal of discussion about global change. To offer a few concrete…