Donald J. Patterson

Patent for Evaluating Infant Movement

Patent Diagram US8961438 B2

First Patent Published!

This is the first patent that I successfully saw through the entire patent pipeline process. It is for:

A system and method for measuring movements, utilizing one or more wireless accelerometers attached to one or more limbs of a human subject for the purpose of determining certain temporal and spatial gestures of the subject.

You can see the gory details on the Google listing of the patent. The background listed is readable and interesting (at least to me)!

Basically this is for a system of wireless accelerometers that are used to monitor the motion of a baby in a NICU.  We use the system to collect motion data.  That motion data can be used to detect irregularities that could be further analyzed for patterns.

Patents are confusing!

For what it’s worth, it is really hard following the progress of a patent through a combination of multiple inventors, a research university and the USPTO. The numbers for the application periodically change, the search functionality on the USPTO site is not the best (really limited meta-data) and at the end of the day if it weren’t for Google I don’t think I would be able to figure out anything!

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