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Abstract Models for Concrete Problems Using Java

Cover of Big Java Early Objects, Object-Oriented Text Book

Abstract Models for Concrete Problems Using Java

For Mayterm 2018 I am teaching “Abstract Models for Concrete Problems Using Java”.  This is the second programming class in our Computer Science sequence at Westmont College.  For the first time we are teaching this course in a hybrid format.   That means that you can take it by showing up in person to the classroom, or you can take it remotely.    We are going to do this with a green screen set up so that remote participants see something like a weatherman presentation on YouTube live.   In person participants will take the course in something that looks a little like a make shift TV studio.   Right now we expect the course to be split 50/50 with the styles of participation.  We know one of our participants will be tuning in from South Africa, so that is going to test our ability to deal with time zones!

One of the interesting parts of doing this is that you can tune into the broadcasts yourself if you want to because they are public:

My apologies in advance for glitches – like drinking coffee and exposed green screens!


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