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iOS Development for Creative Entreprenuers

Mayterm iOS for Creative Entreprenuers

iOS Development

For Mayterm 2016 the Westmont Computer Science Department is trying something new.  We are running an intensive iOS 9.0 programming class designed to get upper division students experience working with platform-based computing.  Another first is that we are going to be teaching it in the library’s computer lab. This 5-week course is scheduled to meet for 2 hours a day from 10:15 to 12:15 and provides CS 150 credit. The focus is on understanding how to apply Computer Science principles in the context of a specific modern platform (iOS).  Prerequisites? Any prior college level computer science course.


This course was developed as an online course in 6 parts through Coursera and in partnership with UCI.  This is going to be an in person version of the same course.  As a result we are going to change some of the ways that the course is taught and try and work together more collaboratively.  Originally the course was broken down in 6 parts:

  • Objective-C
  • Networking and Security
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Games Sensors and Media
  • Swift Programming
  • iOS Capstone: Transreality Game

We can’t cover all of that in one Mayterm course so we will be putting together a subset that is coherent and achievable.

What are we covering?

Everything and the kitchen sink. Objective-C, OAuth 2.0, JSON, App Transport Security, push notifications, Core Data, HCI principles, View Controllers,  GeoFences,  SpriteKit, the physics engine, sounds, game collisions, particle systems, Game Center, and more, whew!

If you want more details, the course webpage can be found here:

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