Donald J. Patterson

Online Everywhere: Evolving Mobile Instant Messaging Practices

Online Everywhere: Evolving Mobile Instant Messaging Practices<

In this paper we report on the results of a large scale user survey investigating the status setting and interruption management behavior of mobile instant messaging (IM) users with existing systems. The motivation for this study was to inform the design of interface tools that support users by setting contextually appropriate awareness messages. Our results demonstrate that many desktop IM practices have been appropriated by mobile laptop users, but in the face of increasingly situated computer usage and an “always online” culture, several frictions are emerging between desktop and mobile practices. We find that common assumptions about IM users and the established awareness cues are failing and users are frequently embarrassed and interrupted with negative and sometimes threatening consequences. ( permanent, local copy )

Published in Ubicomp 2008 .

C.V.: CR-10

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