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David BrooksThe Westmont Mosher Center for Moral and Ethical Leadership is organizing a conference on May 31-June 2 called “Lead Where You Stand“.   It’s a three day conference that “will offer key insights into an enduring challenge: How do we develop the capacity to respond in timely, principled ways to the multifaceted challenges and opportunities of effective leadership”.  I’ve been invited to speak, but since David Brooks (NY Times, PBS NewsHour) is headlining the event I’m thinking I need to up my game a bit.

This is a different kind of venue than those at which I usually speak, so I’m excited to see how the things that I’ve been working on help to energize and inform a new audience.   I’ll be speaking on ideas about navigating the technological future.  I’m still working out the details and I hope to cover how technological performance, anxiety and innovation differ.   I will also walk through a few examples of how technology doesn’t determine the ways things will change, but instead amplifies already existing cultures within organizations.   There should be lots of interesting conversations around a myriad of other topics, too!

The Mosher Center is interesting in that it explicitly has a goal of initiating national conversations. “The Center will seek to influence a national dialogue on the critical significance of moral and ethical leadership. It will do this principally by inviting nationally recognized individuals with specialist knowledge to speak on particular leaders and movements that illuminate the path of moral and ethical leadership.”   Last year’s conference was the first one and centered on the historical leadership of Abraham Lincoln. Ronald C. White Jr. spoke from three books that he has written on Lincoln.

The center is inviting Nobel Prize winners to speak in future conferences.  Maybe in that vein we can encourage Pres. Obama and Bob Dylan to speak next year. That would start a national conversation for sure.


Update: The Santa Barbara NoozHawk covered the conference here.

At Westmont College Leadership Conference, David Brooks Issues Clarion Call for Exodus


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