Donald J. Patterson

ICT4S 2029: What will be the systems supporting sustainability in 15 years

ICT4S paper cover


Research is often inspired by visions of the future. These visions can take on various narrative forms, and can fall anywhere along the spectrum from utopian to dystopian. Even though we recognize the importance of such visions to help us shape research questions and inspire rich design spaces to be explored, the opportunity to discuss them is rarely given in a research context. Imagine how civilization will have changed in 15 years. What is your vision for systems that will be supporting sustainability in that time? Which transformational changes will have occurred in the mean time that allow for these systems? Is ICT even the right tool or does it contradict sustainability by making our world ever more complex? How can we make systems and our societies more sustainable and resilient by ICT4S? This paper presents a compilation of fictional abstracts for inspiration and discussion, and provides means to stimulate discussion on future research and contributes to ICT4S community building.( local copy )

This paper was nominated for a best paper award! Published in ICT for Sustainability 2014 .

C.V.: CR-24

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