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I had a great opportunity to participate with a community of educators mostly centered around New York City talking about ethics in CS education ( using the hashtag #EthicalCS). The forum was a twitter storm which is about as new media as I’m ever likely to get. The discussion thread is embedded below. The conversation spiraled all around these tweets

It was great to engage with a pretty large online virtual audience. Here were the conversation starters.

Q1: Introduce yourself and the work you do and your connection to ethics, CS, tech, etc.

Q2: How do you engage with, learn more about the ethical implications of CS and tech? What topics should be incorporated in teaching in CS classes in K -12 through college level? Why?

Q3: Should ethics be incorporated in CS classes or be a standalone class? How do students engage/react to ethics in CS classes when you have brought it up? What advice do you have for us?

Q4: In what ways can we promote open source sharing, growing, and development of #ethicalCS resources? What would help other educators engage in this way of working? What else should we try?

Q5: Are there any specific lessons/syllabus/readings you have made or tried, or want to try, that you can share with us? What was the context? How did it go? #ethicalCS

Q6: Any final thoughts? Anything you want to share that you didn’t get a chance to do yet?

And here is the root thread. Happy digging!

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