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Computing with Limits Public Discussion

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Tonight’s Event on Limits

This evening I’ll be participating in a public discussion at the Newkirk Center for Science and Society on “Computing with Limits”. The title of my talk is “Haiti’s Grid Isn’t Smart, It’s Futuristic”. My main point is that the 2010 earthquake in Haiti created conditions in Haiti that are illuminating for how we can prepare for a future of intermittent infrastructures in the U.S. I’ll talk about some things I saw there and relate them to experiences in California. All the details and RSVP info is here.

Other Talks

I’ll be joining a number of other researchers who are investigating the role of computing in a future which is going to be limited by the effects of high-priced energy and climate change. How can we leverage our present resources to ensure a vibrant innovative future? Colleagues Simon Cole, Barath Raghavan, Bill Tomlison, Daniel Pargman and Bonnie Nardi will all be participating in various ways hopefully with an engaged audience!

Event Description

Scientists from a diverse range of fields are actively exploring the limits of our finite planet- the consequences of climate change, the limits of fossil fuel availability, the limits of the natural ecosystem, and the dynamics of social change. However, despite the importance of computing in our modern world, seldom are these issues considered in the computing systems that researchers and engineers develop.

In June 2015, we gathered a group of computer scientists together at UCI for a workshop to explore the role of computer science in responding to the challenges of fundamental planetary limits. This Public Discussion will feature several of the organizers of the workshop who will discuss highlights from the workshop. “Beehive sessions” will allow attendees to discuss the issues with other attendees and the panelists, to offer their thoughts, questions, and concerns.

Here is a copy of the slides from my presentation:
Patterson LIMITS of Computing Public Discussion Slide Deck


Here is a recording of the event:


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