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The Carbon Emissions of Writing and Illustrating are Lower for AI than for Humans

Person writing at a desk in an industrial wasteland

Bill Tomlinson, Rebecca Black, Andrew Torrance, and I wrote a paper that was accepted to Springer Nature Journal, Scientific Reports, in which we compare the carbon emissions between AI systems and humans. What did we find? We discuss the benefits and drawbacks of AI, including potential job displacement and legal issues, while highlighting the lower…

Proof-by-Location as a Socially Responsible Financial Infrastructure

Architectural diagram of the Proof-by-Location cryptocurrency system, Xylem.

“Proof-by-Location” published in iGETblockchain Bill Tomlinson and I published a paper in 2022 IEEE 1st Global Emerging Technology Blockchain Forum: Blockchain & Beyond (iGETblockchain) This was a first of its kind forum and was presented in a very well-organized virtual conference format. We joined a number of other scholars to discuss globally focussed blockchain work, such…

Analyzing the Sustainability of 28 ‘Blockchain for Good’ Projects via Affordances and Constraints

Analyzing the sustainability of 28 ‘Blockchain for Good’ projects via affordances and constraints

  A long stretch of research and writing with a great group of colleagues, Bill Tomlinson, Jens Boberg, Jocelyn Cranefield, David Johnstone, Markus Luczak-Roesch, Shreya Kapoor and myself has finally resulted in the publication of a new article article titled “Analyzing the Sustainability of 28 ‘Blockchain for Good’ Projects via Affordances and Constraints.”  It has been…