Donald J. Patterson

Haitian Artisans Cooperative

Haitian Artisans Cooperative

The Haitian Artisans Cooperative is a project that was birthed out of a short term trip to Haiti I took with Newport Mesa Church in 2015.

One of the results of that trip is that I wanted to find a way to give local artists and craft people in Haiti exposure and connect them with the global retail enterprise.   In partnership with local Haitians (like Isaac!) we are sourcing local art from the people who make it and feeding all the profits back into the venture in hopes of creating jobs and upward mobility for the people of Haiti.  Our goal is to eliminate the middle-man and let the people who make the products get as much of the benefit of their work as possible.

Isaac is located in Port-au-Prince and I met him when he was acting as the translator for our team.

We’ve been working on this business since February 2015, but officially launched the store in March of 2016.  As of now, we sell exclusively online.

Screenshot from the Haitian Artists Cooperative

Update 10/6/17: The store had a good run.  We’ve decided to close it for now and sell our inventory in the physical world.