Donald J. Patterson

Google Street View Trusted Photographer

Google Street View Trusted Photographer
I am a Google Street View Trusted photographer and I’m available to capture your Google Street View imagery.   I can work with you to capture the inside of your location in 360 still or video images to allow visitors to view your business from Street View on or from YouTube virtual reality videos.  An important part of taking images is making sure that the lighting and space is set up well because nothing is hidden in this kind of picture!


Here are some examples of captures that I have taken.  Notice that you can spin the photos and as you click on the white arrows in the imagery you can “walk” around to other images.

  • Westmont College
    •  classrooms:
    • indoor spaces:
    • outdoor spaces


Contact me for availability at   My standard rate is $50.00 an hour for travel time, $150.00 an hour for photography/image management and $10.00 per photo or minute of video captured.   So a typical package of 10 photos of a location within 30 minutes of Santa Barbara is $300.00 – $400.00


I have multiple 360 cameras including a Ricoh Theta 360 and Samsung Gear 360 with a set of tripods of various sizes.  Because the complete environment is captured, I don’t use studio lights or other equipment because those would show up in the image (although I have them if we need them for some reason).